How Do I Know My Portafilter Size?

portafilter sizing portafilters range from 49 mm to 58 mm The most common size is 58 mm. What is standard size of portafilter? Portafilter Sizing Portafilters range from 49 mm to 58 mm The most common size is 58 mm. Do all portafilters fit? The compatibility of portafilters between brands sometimes becomes an issue. Most … Read more

Why Does Portafilter Size Matter?

The smaller the portafilter, the less flexibility you have over how much coffee you us in it Even though you can change out the filter basket inside the portafilter to increase the basket depth, you can only add so much depth before the shots start to pull weird. Does portafilter basket size matter? Yes, portafilter … Read more

Does Portafilter Basket Size Matter?

Yes, portafilter size does matter Many espresso machines don’t have much range in diameter, with 58 mm being the standard. But the depth of the basket makes a difference. Deeper baskets allow you to pull more espresso. Are all portafilter baskets the same size? Portafilter sizes range from 49 mm all the way up to … Read more

Does Gaggia Classic Have An Aluminum Boiler?

The gaggia classic famously uses aluminum in its boiler for the model sold in the United States. With the Classic the boiler the heating elements are on the outside of the boiler so they won’t burn out to the boiler being low on water and it heats up very quickly. What is the Gaggia boiler … Read more

Does Gaggia Classic Pro Have A Grinder?

Even though it does not have a built-in grinder , gaggia classic is easy to use and can be paired with ground beans or coffee pods making it the best choice for people buying an espresso machine for the first time. Does Gaggia Classic have a grinder? Gaggia Classic Pro review: Price and competition It’s … Read more

What’s The Difference Between Gaggia Classic And Classic Pro?

The gaggia classic pro and the former Gaggia Classic can make cappuccinos, like the other machines in this list. The biggest difference between the two models is the steam wand While the earlier model used a panarello-style steam wand that injected air into the steam, this unit uses a proper commercial steam wand. What is … Read more

How Big Is The Breville Portafilter?

Made from stainless steel in Breville’s 54mm portafilter size , this portafilter is compatible with: Duo-Temp. Infuser. What size portafilter does Breville use? Portafilter Kit 54mm for selected breville espresso machines. What is the standard portafilter size? What Are the Common Portafilter Sizes? Portafilters range from 49 mm to 58 mm The most common size … Read more

What Are Latte Machines?

What does a latte machine do? Luckily, latte machines exist. These coffee makers have the ability to both brew espresso and froth milk (which means it can also brew other espresso-based drinks like cappuccinos and macchiatos). What kind of machine makes lattes? The best latte machine on our list is Breville Barista Express BES870XL This … Read more

Where Is Gaggia Classic Pro Made?

Designed and made in Italy , and with roots in the origins of espresso itself, the gaggia classic pro offers full control and capability for real, cafe-quality espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, and more. Is Gaggia made in China? Proudly Made in Italy : Gaggia coffee machines. Where is Gaggia Classic made? As of 2010, all Gaggia … Read more

How Much Is A Linea Mini La Marzocco?

The price of the linea mini is changing to $4900 starting on May 1, 2018. From the beginning, our mission at la marzocco home has been to “create an uncompromised espresso experience for the home barista through professional equipment and education.” Is La Marzocco mini worth it? The Verdict The Linea Mini is an undeniably … Read more