Can Keurig Work With Alexa?

Can you connect Keurig to Alexa? With the Keurig® skill for amazon alexa, you can brew coffee by using simple voice commands Here are some things you can use Alexa for with your Keurig® brewer. You can ask Alexa to turn your brewer on and off, and to brew your morning cup of hot coffee, … Read more

Can Alexa Make Me Coffee?

You can also use an alexa command to start up a coffee maker All you need is a Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew — or a simple drip coffee maker, plus a smart switch. Can Alexa make your coffee? With the Voicy, users can make a coffee without so much as touching the machine … Read more

How Does A Smart Plug Work With A Coffee Maker?

Once the machine has been plugged into the smart plug, and the smart plug has been connected to Google or to the amazon echo device, the coffee machine can be turned on automatically by giving a simple voice command (like “Alexa, turn on the coffee machine”). How do you use Alexa plug in coffee maker? … Read more