Who Is The Owner Of Java House?

java house founder tara cronbaugh first developed a passion for coffee, or more accurately, coffee house ambiance, in 1990 during a visit to her brother at the University of California Berkeley. She was fascinated with how social yet relaxing it was to visit the locally-owned and unique establishments.

Who is the founder of Java House?

Java House (formerly Nairobi Java House) is a chain of coffee houses with its head office at abc place in Nairobi, Kenya, founded in 1999 by Kevin Ashley and Jon Wagner.

Is Java House a franchise?

Our business and our 74 branches position us as east africa‘s largest coffee and food chain. Franchising will help us continue that growth strategy We currently reach 20,000 thousand guests a day across all branches.

Is Java Kenyan owned?

Leaving some to wonder now Java house is owned by a Pakistani group , they may longer access their favorite drinks and foods banned in the Islamic region.

Who owns Artcaffe Kenya?

2. Artcaffé Group, is wholly owned by Emerging Capital Partners (ECP) Fund IV which has operations in Kenya through minimal shareholding in several entities.

Who is Derrick Van Houten?

Derrick Van Houten – Group Chief Executive Officer – Java House Africa | LinkedIn.

What Java means?

What Does Java Mean? Java is an object-oriented programming language that produces software for multiple platforms When a programmer writes a Java application, the compiled code (known as bytecode) runs on most operating systems (OS), including Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

What is the full meaning of Java?

There is no Full form of JAVA as such JAVA is a general-purpose programming language that is object-oriented, class-based, and designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.

What is the original name of Java?

But yes, the original name for the programming language Java was Oak.

How many branches does Java have in Kenya?

Java Group, in which an American private equity firm has bought a majority stake, is the biggest restaurant chain in the region with 64 branches It is followed by fast-food brand Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), art caffe restaurant and Subway. KFC has 31 branches, nine in Uganda, five in Tanzania and 17 in Kenya.

When did Java House start?

Java House, commonly referred to as ‘Java’,opened its first store in 1999 at Adam’s Arcade in Nairobi.

Is Java an international company?

today java is East Africa’s largest coffee chain with 25 outlets in Kenya and Uganda. The company has also diversified into the pizza and frozen yoghurt business through its five Planet Yoghurt stores and one 360 Degrees Pizza outlet.

How many branches does Nairobi have in Java?

Over fifteen branches of Nairobi Java House exist in different locations of Nairobi city in Kenya.

Where is Java coffee from?

“Java” Comes from the Island of Java During the 1600s, the Dutch introduced coffee to Southeast Asia. They brought coffee trees to places like Bali and Sumatra, where it’s still grown today. Another island they began planting coffee on was Java, and it’s from this island that the name “java” arose.

When was Artcaffe founded?

Artcaffé, started in 2008 , says it currently operates 20 full-service bakery, coffee shop, bar and casual dining restaurant outlets around Nairobi. “There is immense opportunity in eastern Africa for casual dining concepts.

What is Art Cafe?

Art Cafe is an open discussion format It is about exploring art together, sharing our experience with different artworks. We want to give you the opportunity and empower to explore and share your impressions but also gain new perspectives by listening to other participants.

Who is Larry Ettah?

Ettah is the Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Company He was appointed on January 1st 2007. He holds a B.Sc. degree in Industrial Chemistry and an MBA (Finance/Marketing) both from the University of Benin.

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