What Size Is An E61 Group Head?

Information on Gaskets: e61 group head gaskets come in two thickness’s, 8mm and 8.5mm Some manufacturers use both sizes and some have changed from one size to another.

What does E61 mean on a coffee machine?

E61 is the first machine to use a volumetric pump to give the water the ideal 9-atmosphere pressure and keep it constant during the whole extraction process , unlike lever machines.

What is an E61 group head?

E61 group heads are an espresso machine group head design that have been around since 1961. It’s a design that is very tried and true and is one that is used on many of our prosumer grade espresso machines and even some commercial machines like the Faema Legend and the Faema Jubile.

Is 58mm portafilter better than 54mm?

Let’s see what the main distinctions with the traditional 58mm portafilter are. During extraction with a 9 bar pressure, the 54mm portafilter weighs about 30kg less on the coffee cake compared to the 58mm With the same dose of coffee, the 54mm portafilter ensures a taller coffee cake.

What is an E61 group head made of?

The E61 is made of solid brass The heat exchanger and a Thermosyphon system circulate hot water through the brew group, keeping it constantly heated. The significance of the E61 brew group is the mechanism in the brew head which allows for the pre-infusion of the grounds.

Is breville dual boiler e61?

The Breville Dual Boiler has its group head design, which is more modern than the ancient Italian version. Bonus Info: The E61 was invented in 1961 , so obviously, we have better technology nowadays. This means that Breville has put in a PID-controller controller both in the boiler and the brew head.

Who invented E61?

Invented by Ernesto Valente in 1961, the E61 introduced many more innovations and espresso firsts. Rather than relying on the manual force of the barista, it used a motorized pump to provides the nine atmospheric bars of pressure needed for brewing espresso.

Does Rancilio Silvia have E61?

Your Silvia does not have an E61 group head.

What is a group head on a coffee machine?

Essentially, the group head is the part of the espresso machine where water from the boiler is dispensed into the coffee filter basket It acts as a meeting point, connecting the machine to the group handle and the water to coffee.

What size portafilter is standard?

What Are the Common Portafilter Sizes? Portafilters range from 49 mm to 58 mm The most common size is 58 mm.

How do I know what size portafilter to buy?

  • Measure the portafilter across the diameter (the centerline).
  • Change your reading to a decimal unit
  • Convert the inches to millimeters by multiplying by 25.4 (2.33 x 25.4 = 59.18 mm)
  • Get a tamper that’s 0.75 mm smaller by subtracting (59.18 – 0.75 = 58.43 mm)

Are all 58mm portafilters the same?

Yes and no, since there’s not much of a range with portafilter diameters. 58mm is the most commonly used size for commercial style portafilters However, many manufacturers who opt to use pressurized portafilters for their machines will use smaller diameters.

How does e61 flow control work?

This flow control device adjusts the flow of water through a needle valve which controls the pressure applied by the pump on the grouphead , thereby controlling the quantity of water that flows through your espresso.

What is the purpose of a bottomless portafilter?

Bottomless portafilters allow the barista to instantly deduce whether proper tamping technique has been achieved If the extraction leans to one side or the other an improper angle was used when tamping.

What is group head?

A grouphead (or group head) is the receiver for the removable portafilter (or group handle) A typical consumer espresso machine normally has only one grouphead, while popular professional machines, such as those used at commercial coffee shops, can contain anywhere from one to seven.

How do I drain my Faema E61?

Turn off the machine. Open the hot water wand with a bucket under it and drain off as much as you can (remember, machine unplugged or the autofill will try to kick in and run the pump dry).

What is a saturated group head?

Answer: A saturated group head is one that is surrounded in water from the boiler Instead of a completely separate component, the group head acts as an extension of the coffee boiler, allowing for consistent water temperature throughout.

Why is my group head leaking?

If the grouphead leaks from the space in between the portafilter and the grouphead during brewing then the group gasket is either worn out or out of place This gasket needs to be replaced typically every six months to a year. Use a flathead screwdriver to pull the shower screen down and off the machine.

Which is better double boiler or heat exchanger?

A two group, dual boiler machine can effectively double your capacity With this type of machine you could have two baristas brewing and steaming at once, solving speed issues you might be experiencing. They are also more precise than heat exchangers because of the dedicated boiler.

How many grams of coffee are in a 54mm portafilter?

This 54mm single wall (unpressurized) basket holds 18 grams of coffee and fits smaller Breville machines, including: Duo-Temp Pro. Bambino. Infuser.

How many grams does a 58mm portafilter hold?

Independent of the variables you have listed, a machine with a 49mm basket that holds a 11 gram dose will not extract the same volume of espresso as a machine with a 58mm portafilter that holds 18 grams.

Is a wider portafilter better?

We can see that the larger portafilter is subject to a higher force of extraction with the same pressure. What this amounts to in practice is very much dependent on your setup. However it should tend towards better consistency in extraction.

What is the espresso handle called?

The portafilter is the device that has a handle and holds the basket filled with finely ground coffee. This is locked into the group head. The pressure forces the water through the coffee and out the bottom nozzles of the portafilter, into the cup or carafe.

What is brew group?

The “brew group” is the projection on the front of the machine into which the barista locks the portafilter to make espresso Note that the brew group is large and heavy (so that it retains heat evenly), and it is only a few inches above the drip tray.

What group head is on Breville Dual boiler?

The E61 brew group is the industry standard brew group for espresso machines, which delivers consistent, stable heat in order to help pull the perfect espresso. An E61 group head provides excellent temperature stability, a key aspect of producing great espresso.

What does double boiler mean in a coffee machine?

It’s a dual-use boiler , so you either brew your espresso first and then wait for the machine to heat up to steaming temperature, or steam your milk first and cool down the boiler to brewing temperature. With a heat exchange or dual boiler machine you can brew and steam at the same time.

Is the Breville Barista Pro dual boiler?

Moving on to the features that impact the actual coffee making experience, we’ll start with the Dual Boiler’s party piece, and namesake, its’ DUAL BOILERS Having separate boilers for brewing and steaming means that you do not need to wait in between performing each step of the latte making process….

Is Gaggia owned by Philips?

Yes, that’s right – Gaggia was purchased by Saeco in 1999; Saeco was then purchased by Dutch-based electronics manufacturer Philips in 2009 With both Saeco and Gaggia now being owned by the same company, it’s to be expected that there are a lot of similarities between the two brands.

How long should an espresso take to pour?

The best shots of espresso are pulled in a range within 25-30 seconds from when then pump starts, with espresso dropping from the portafilter after 5-7 seconds.

Where are Gaggia machines made?

One year ago, Gaggia activated an important project to move back to Italy all the productions with a high added value. In May 2018, our production plant located in Gaggio Montano (Bologna) , welcomed another Espresso Machine series: Gaggia Anima.

Is E61 58mm?

The E61 grouphead is equal parts industry defining design and modern espresso gold standard. Created in 1961, it revolutionized the espresso industry and remains the definitive standard for most commercial espresso machines today.

What size is the Rancilio portafilter?

The Rancilio Bottomless Portafilter offers a commercial size of 58 mm and lets you observe the quality of your extraction directly.

What is temp surfing?

Temperature surfing refers to starting your shot at a specific time during the heating cycle , so that you get the same water temperature with every shot you pull.

How often should group head be cleaned?

This technique must be done daily with water alone, but at least once a week you should back flush with cleaner such as Puly Caff. To use the cleaner, simply place a tea spoon full on top of the blind filter before back-flushing. Run the group in 10 second intervals several times.

How many group heads do I need?

For home use, one group head is usually enough For commercial uses, two group heads are usually the safest, but depending on the demand, you can opt for one or three group heads as well.

Should you keep the group head on the coffee machine?

Keep group handles in the machine Keep those group handles toasty! That metal needs to be hot otherwise your beautiful warm coffee hits cold steel.

Are Portafilters universal?

There are common portafilter sizes and common basket sizes (e.g., 58mm), but no, there really isn’t a standard The grouphead geometry changes considerably among espresso machines.

Do all portafilters fit?

The compatibility of portafilters between brands sometimes becomes an issue. Most manufacturers make their own versions and even those of the same diameter sometimes do not fit those of other makes This holds especially true in the lower priced entry levels and in the upper end dual boilers.

Can you use any 58mm portafilter?

You cannot make them wider or smaller 58mm in diameter is the emerging standard for commercial espresso machines. Chances are, the cheaper the home machine, the smaller the portafilter diameter—though that’s not the case 100% of the time.

What size is the Breville portafilter?

Made from stainless steel in Breville’s 54mm portafilter size, this portafilter is compatible with: Duo-Temp. Infuser.