Is Zarraffa’S Only In Australia?

Zarraffa’s Coffee is a national coffee house chain located primarily in Queensland, Australia and with franchises in Western Australia and New South Wales

Is zarraffa’s in other countries?

From that first store in Southport on the Gold Coast, the Zarraffa’s Coffee business has evolved into an award-winning enterprise, now serving customers in over 70 locations across Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales.

Is zarraffa’s African?

Sourced from growers throughout Africa including farms in Ethiopia and Tanzania , our signature house blend delivers fantastic cupping notes of bittersweet cocao, gentle almond and raisin, with a bright lemon acidity.

Who invented zarraffa’s?

Zarraffa’s Coffee Founder and managing director, kenton campbell , opened the first store in 1997 with the vision of becoming Australia and New Zealand’s number one provider of specialty coffee. “It’s been an incredible ride so far,” enthused Kenton.

Why is zarraffa’s called zarraffa’s?

“ ‘Zarafa’ is the Arabic word for giraffe , and the Masai giraffe lives on the savannahs of Kenya and Ethiopia, where some of the world’s finest coffee is grown.”.

Why are zarraffa’s closing down?

Zarraffa’s Coffee CEO Marnie Sheldon said a “small number of Gold Coast stores” had recently closed due to the effects of the current retail climate and the ending of leases.

Who owns zarraffa’s?

Zarraffa’s Coffee Founder and Managing Director, Kenton Campbell , recently sat down with Channel 7 business news program Kochie’s Business Builders, to share some insights into his background as an entrepreneur.

What milk does zarraffa’s use?

You can now enjoy your favourite Zarraffa’s Coffee with Almond milk , available at all stores. Enjoy your coffee just the way you like it, with full cream, skinny, soy, lactose-free and almond milk options now available.

What coffee does zarraffa’s use?

Our house coffee blend, African Masai , is a unique blend of Kenyan and Ethiopian arabica beans which are sourced and roasted in-house to produce our famous Zarraffa’s taste!.

Does Zarraffas do Puppuccinos?

Puppuccino&Co. on Instagram: “ Yum yum my doggie puppuccino from @zarraffas_coffee has just arrived!!!.

How many shots are in a Masai coffee?

They only put one shot of coffee into each cup (from small to grande inclusive) until they get to the ‘Masai’ size – their largest – where they add a second. Normal practice elsewhere is to tap a second shot into a large cup and then a third into the one above that. That’s why I’ve always found this coffee weak.

Is mocha coffee or chocolate?

A mocha is a blend of a cappuccino and a hot chocolate Like a cappuccino it contains espresso, warm milk and a frothy top but it also contains a sweet chocolatey twist using either chocolate powder, chocolate syrup or melted chocolate.

Does Zarraffas have oat milk?

Milk: Available with full cream, lite, soy, lactose free, oat and almond milk.

What is zarraffa’s fusion powder?

A delicious blend of spiced Chai, topped off with vanilla infused whipped cream and ground cinnamon.YUM!.

What are zarraffa’s straws made of?

Our stainless steel straws are another step towards our focus on sustainable products, and to assist in the protection of our beautiful oceans and precious marine life, by reducing the potential harm caused by single-use plastic straws. Each pack comes with two straws and a cleaning brush.

What is vegan at Zarraffas?

100% vegan filled with garden vegetables carrot, onion, pea and potato) and a lentil patty, vegan cheddar and vegan aioli.

What straws do zarraffa’s use?

Our reusable stainless steel straw packs come with two straws and a cleaning brush. Compatible with Zarraffa’s cold drinks and cold tumblers.

Is Zarraffas decaffeinated?

Our decaf offering at Zarraffa’s Coffee is our Swiss Water Decaf Blend.

Does Zarraffas sell juice?

We’re excited to announce the rollout of two new juice flavours in all our stores by The Juice Brothers Enjoy a tasty choice of Apple & Raspberry or Orange Juice, already bottled and ready to go!.

What is the biggest coffee company in Australia?

The three largest coffee chains in Australia are gloria jeans coffees , Starbucks Coffee and Hudson’s Coffee. Starbucks Coffee began in Australia in 2000 but because all stores are company-owned, growth has been slow compared to Gloria Jeans Coffees which is franchised.

What is the best coffee franchise in Australia?

  • Muffin Break – 210 locations
  • Gloria Jean’s – 200+ locations (AU) .
  • Jamaica Blue – 119 locations* .
  • Xpresso Delight – 100+ locations (AU) .
  • Cafe2U – 100 locations (AU) .
  • Soul Origin – 99 locations
  • Michel’s Patisserie – 94 locations
  • Zarraffa’s Coffee – 92 locations.

How many coffee chains are there in Australia?

There are around 6700 coffee businesses operating in Australia, with no major player holding more than 5% of the market. The Coffee Club chain has the largest market share, but that is only an estimated 4%, followed closely by Gloria Jeans (3%) and Michel’s Patisserie (3%).