Does Ember Coffee Mug Work?

Highly recommend ! This mug is shortlisted as one of my Favorite Things, right after my dog. It’s so nice to make a cup of coffee and then get busy doing something else, and when I come back to it my coffee’s still a perfect 140°, right where I left it.

Are Ember Smart mugs worth it?

Highly recommend ! This mug is shortlisted as one of my Favorite Things, right after my dog. It’s so nice to make a cup of coffee and then get busy doing something else, and when I come back to it my coffee’s still a perfect 140°, right where I left it.

Does the Ember really work?

The ceramic mug does a great job of being the “keep my coffee or other hot beverage my perfect temp while I’m at home” product Turns out the Travel Mug is better at that too. It’s at its best while I’m at home. Keeps my coffee at exactly 134 degrees for as long as I want while at home.

Does the Ember Mug keep coffee hot?

Description. Designed for home or office, the Ember Mug² does more than simply keep your coffee hot Our smart mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee is never too hot, or too cold. Ember then maintains your chosen temperature for 1.5 hours so your hot beverage stays perfect.

Is ember worth the money?

After a year of using the Ember Mug, I struggle to remember what it was like before I had it. It has been a complete game-changer for my day-to-day coffee consumption, and I wholeheartedly think it’s worth the money For warm beverage loyalists, this mug is a fantastic investment.

How long will Ember keep coffee hot?

battery life and Charging time brewing coffee at over 190 degrees Fahrenheit preserves battery life. The Ember mug’s battery lasts between 80 and 90 minutes , depending on the mug size. While you might expect the larger mug to keep your coffee hot for longer, the opposite is true.

Does Starbucks ember mugs?

New Ember travel mug Perfect from the first sip to the last drop, Ember allows users to customize their beverage for total control over their delicious cup – all through the touch of the Ember app. Starbucks also offers Ember’s 10 oz. Black Ceramic Mug, 10 oz. White Ceramic Mug and 12 oz.

What can you not do with Ember mugs?

( Placing a wet mug on the charging coaster can lead to corrosion of the gold rings on the mug and/or the gold pins on the coaster This can lead to issues with the mug being able to charge properly.) For best results, we recommend using a wooden or silicone spoon to stir as a metal spoon can damage the Ember’s coating.

What is the difference between Ember Mug 1 and 2?

The new mugs all have a longer battery life than previous versions , so the Travel Mug 2 will keep beverages hot for 3 hours, the 10 oz Ember Mug 2 lasts 1.5 hours, and the 14 oz. Ember Mug 2 goes for 80 minutes. However, if you keep the mugs on the charging coasters, you can keep them at full power all day.

Is Ember owned by Apple?

A year after launching in Starbucks, Ember subsequently landed a retail partnership with Apple , which expanded Ember’s physical retail footprint to 27 countries. But in order to convince the hardware giant to partner with Ember, the mug company had beef up its technology and media offerings.

Is Ember hot enough?

The Ember Travel mug was made to create the best drinking experience by allowing you to choose your ideal drinking temperature. The Ember works by pouring in hot liquid, then through temperature regulation keeping it at a specific degree between 120°F and 145°F.

Can I make my Ember Mug hotter?

With the Ember App, the Ember Mug and Ember Mug² allow the precision temperature control between 120°F (50°C) and 145°F (62.5°C), covering a wide range of preferred hot beverage drinking temperatures. Please note, the Ember mug can’t be set to a temperature outside of this range.

Can you microwave Ember Mug?

The Ember Mug is an electronic device, which should never go in a microwave Our customer’s safety is our highest priority and we try our best to make it known that the Ember cannot be put in the microwave. As with all electronics and metals, it may result in a fire when heated up in the microwave.

Which Ember Mug size is best?

The 10 oz has a slightly longer battery life and costs a bit less than the 14 oz. 14 oz = 80 minute battery life and $129.95. I own the 10 oz Ember mug in black and love it, because I love drinking two small cups of coffee (one at 5:30 am, and another around 9:30 am).

Can Ember Mug get wet?

The Ember Mug is also hand wash only. And hand washing it is extra tedious. The bottom of the mug can’t get wet —or else it won’t be able to connect to the charging coaster, meaning you can’t just stick it under the sink and let the hot water and soap run all over it.

Should I leave my Ember Mug on the charger?

The Ember Mug and Ember Mug² are both 100% safe to keep on the charger when not in use When the battery is fully charged, the charging is shut off automatically, so no battery damage will occur.

Is Ember worth it Reddit?

TL;DR – if you want your coffee at the perfect temp from the first to last drop, an Ember is “worth it” at this point , as the main software issues that plagued it for a long time seem to now be resolved. Your coffee will stay at an exact temperature you specify.

Are Ember mugs safe to drink out of?

However, it’s important to note that the Ember is made from stainless steel. However, it has a ceramic coating over the stainless steel. This isn’t a deal breaker as it means your drink and lips are only touching ceramic. However, some people have said that over time the ceramic can scratch off.